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In the 60s, this worldclass dessert became all the rage. It’s original recipe featured ladyfingers, mocha coffee, mascarpone cream and cocoa. We make all our portions and the fresh cream with this city’s traditional recipe.
traditional recipe.





Tiramisu is Treviso’s very own dessert, made with grandma’s traditional recipe, to tickle your patrons’ fancy

You decide whether your’re going to have a slice, a tray, or a jar and the cream. They are all hand-made with the finest ingredients, in respect of tradition and conviviality

Mascarpone cream: ready-to-serve, to encourage your creativity

The cream is the basic ingredient of tiramisu. Master pastry chefs carefully follow every step of the process while the cream is whipped up in our creamery, right in the heart of Treviso.

For those uncompromising chefswho only settle for top-quality ingredients– it is available ready-made, so they canjust get creative.

Are you going to savour it while strolling around town or do you want it ready-made for tonight’s dinner? Either way, our shops have it!

How about diving into a delicious tasting experience? Then let our Maestri del Tiramisù guide you through a fine selection of savoury ingredients.

Whether it’s for a pleasant stroll while tasting our tiramisù, or, for enjoying it at home with friends, you will long to come back!

Treviso is our home town, and the heart of tiramisu

Treviso’s culinary heritage is rich in wholesome, nutritious foods; expertly grown in the farmlands surrounding the city. And this quality produce is what gives our tiramisù its balanced blend of flavor.

Our strictly local supply chain ensures the traditional freshness and flavor because our mission is to give you our ‘favorite’ dessert ever, that same one that our grandmothers used to make for us.

We strongly believe in these values as we know that only such local, wholesome ingredients can bestow our tiramisù its distinctive flavor, while ensuring freshness and sustainability throughout our processes