Treviso is our home town, and the heart of tiramisu: home of authentic quality, and of great champions, just 20 km from Venice

The tiramisu dessert was invented in Piazza Ancilotto in the early 60s

On October 15, 2010, the tiramisu recipe, as it is made by Treviso’s quaint Le Beccherie restaurant, was officially filed with the Italian Academy of Cuisine. It really originated in the late 50s, when Ms Alba Campeol and Mr Roberto “Loli” Linguanotto concocted the recipe at that very restaurant, thus giving life to the dessert we have all come to appreciate today.

Tiramisu and much more

Cocktails in Treviso are called spritz, that is, a Prosecco and Campari bitter, or equivalent thereof, spritzer that is usually savoured with cicchetti snacks. Every reputable inn and tavern in the old-town center serves them. And because it’s made with Prosecco, it really complements any food. And Prosecco is really Treviso’s favorite drink. You can also try the local radicchio, that is, chicory, in January, and the luscious asparagus in May. These are just some of the delicacies of this magnificent land.



Prosecco, Aperol and soda water: “the” aperitif


Pre-dinner snacks savored with a spritz


King of the winter produce


World’s favorite bubbles

Villages, castles and villas

The medieval villages and the Venetian villas that bejewel this borderland provide an immense cultural, architectural and historical heritage. Just to name a few: Treviso, Cison di Valmarino, Castelfranco, Conegliano, Castelbrando, Asolo, Vittorio Veneto, Oderzo, the Castle of Roncade, the Rotonda di Badoere, the Castle of San Salvatore, Villa Emo, Villa Tiepolo Passi, Villa Giol, Villa Contarini Nenzi, Villa Condulmer, Villa Tramonti, Ca’ Zenobio, Villa Braida, Villa Giovannina, Villa Barbaro and Villa dei Cedri.

Memorable people

Some truly historically important people, like Antonio Canova and Giorgione were born here, whereas others, like Andrea Palladio and Tommaso da Modena moved here and made it their home. And there were many more, like Giovanni Comisso, Mario Botter, Pope Pius X, Toni Benetton, Andrea Zanzotto and Mario Del Monaco.

Breathtaking landscapes set among majestic mountains, restless seas and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites

One can cycle around almost the entire province of Treviso. By following the Treviso-Ostiglia biking path and the Natural Park of the River Sile, you will reach the Venice Lagoon. Or, if the spectacular Dolomites are your thing, just go across the Prosecco Hills, the Montello foothills and the Monte Grappa. Either journey is well worth it.

Big Brands and small Excellences

The industrious and inventive people of Treviso and its surrounding areas, have turned this borderland into one of Italy’s richest and most productive provinces. It is home to worldclass manufacturing companies and agribusinesses alike, while upholding the greatness of the much sought-after Made in Italy brand.

Sports and medals

Treviso is one of the sportiest cities in Italy. It is home to many internationally competitive sports teams, and, to proud and capable athletes, such as: Sisley Treviso, Bebe Vio, Barbara Pozzobon, Benetton Basket, Paolo Borghi, Silvia Marangoni, Matteo Tagliariol, Benetton Rugby, Imoco Volley, TVBasket(ball).