Our creamery

Here, in the heart of Treviso, our Master pastry chefs are engrossed in perfecting every single serving of tiramisu, and, in making the unmistakable mascarpone cream.Their experience and commitment means you can enjoy a truly special tiramisu - like the one we enjoy here in Treviso, anywhere in the world.

Ever wonder why our tiramisù is all about the flavors and aromas of Treviso?

Treviso’s culinary heritage is rich in wholesome, nutritious foods; expertly grown in the farmlands surrounding the city. And this quality produce is what gives our tiramisù its balanced blend of flavors. Our strictly local supply chain ensures the traditional freshness and flavor because our mission is to give you our ‘favorite’ dessert ever, that same one that our grandmothers used to make for us. We strongly believe in these values as we know that only such local, wholesome ingredients can bestow our tiramisù its distinctive flavor, while ensuring freshness and sustainability throughout our processes

Ever wonder why after tasting our tiramisù you then want more?

It’s because we carefully dose the wholesome, local ingredients and balance the sugar content just right; to avoid using any chemical preservatives. The cream is the decisive ingredient in a good tiramisù. Making it, however, is the toughest part of the process. Mascarpone from Veneto, sugar and free-range eggs are the basic ingredients that go into making our cream.

Ever wonder why our tiramisùalways tastes freshly-made?

That’s because we go to great lengths to use traditional, artisanal methods that ensure our distinctive product freshness and wholesomeness. Also, the refrigeration all along the cold-chain is kept constantly stable To preserve flavors, while making tiramisù, we use industrial-grade blast chillers that can reach -35° C: in this way we can stabilize the bacterial load and fix the cream at a precise instant. And that is why, upon thawing out, the cream is soft and fresh to the palate. Once chilled, the cream and the tiramisù are packaged and sealed and then stocked in freezers at -18°C and continually technologically monitored for any minor temperature variations.

Made for restaurants, caterers, cafés, ice cream parlours and delicatessens, that is, made for you.

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